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Making the decision to euthanise, or “put to sleep” your beloved pet is one of the most difficult and painful decisions you will make in your pet’s lifetime. Euthanasia however, is considered an act of kindness when your pet is suffering and not able to enjoy an acceptable quality of life.

We are here to assist you through the decision-making process.  We offer pre-euthanasia assessments where we spend time discussing your pet’s health and the balance between what gives pleasure and what contributes to a poor quality of life.

When the time to say the final goodbye has come, we aim to ensure this goodbye is as gentle and compassionate as possible.

Your pet may first be given a premedication sedative if required – this produces a calm relaxation in minutes.  After this, an intravenous catheter may be placed in your pet’s front leg. When you and your pet are ready, the final euthanasia injection is administered.  This injection rapidly induces unconsciousness, followed by the stopping of the heart. 

We can also provide after-care arrangements of either communal cremation or individual cremation with ashes returned to you.  If you have a private backyard and it is suitable to do so, you may choose to bury your pet at home.

Pet Bereavement Support Service

Facing the loss of a much-loved pet can be unbearable.  It helps to talk to someone who understands and cares.  We understand the grief and loss at this time and are here to comfort and support you.  A pet bereavement support service is offered by the Blue Cross charity.  Their support telephone line is open from 8.30am – 8.30pm every day 0800 096 6606.

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