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Senior Pet Health

Nowadays most pet-owners regard their pets as part of the family and their health, happiness and welfare is paramount. With better nutrition, home care and more advanced veterinary care, our pets are living longer and healthier lives.

As your pet gets older, they will develop age-related conditions.  Many of these have outward symptoms that are quite easy to recognise once established – such as stiffness and reduced mobility, hearing loss, reduced vision, appetite changes, increased thirst, weight loss (or gain) and behavioural changes.  However, these outward symptoms are often undetected in their early stages as they develop discreetly and progress slowly.

Furthermore, many conditions occur internally and may be unrecognisable to even the most observant pet owner.  For example, diseases of the heart, kidney, liver, lungs and other internal organs can develop without owner awareness.  Many of these problems are quite treatable and controllable, if detected early.

For early detection of age related problems, we recommend a Senior Wellness Evaluation for your dog or cat from 7 years of age.  This health evaluation is tailored to your pet’s age and specific needs (typically annually from 7 years of age and at least twice annually in pets older than 10 to 12 years of age).

Cats are regarded as mature from 7 years of age, senior from 10 years and geriatric from 15 years of age.  The classification in dogs varies between breed and size.  Larger and giant breeds being classified as senior from 7 years of age.

A Senior Wellness screening program involves a thorough physical examination, consultation and screening of blood and/or urine and further tests if required.

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